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Rear Seat Release for Ford F-150 (2009+), F-250/F-350 (2017+)

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  • Easy access to hidden storage
  • Installs in minutes, No modifications necessary
  • Fits 2009 - 2018 Ford F-150 SuperCrew
  • Fits 2015 - 2018 Ford F-150 SuperCab
  • Rear Seat Release Installation Guide

    Materials List:
    -­‐ 1x Latch base bracket
    -­‐ 1x Latch pull assembly

    Suggested Tools:
    -­‐ T30 Torx driver
    -­‐ 10-­‐14mm wrench

    1.The first step is to gain access to the back of the rear driver’s side seat back. To do this, lift the seat bottom up (below left) so that the seat back pulls away from the rear of the cab slightly. Using the space created, reach down and pull up on the small pin (below right) to release the latch. Using the closed end of a wrench will help.
    2.The next step is to remove the factory latch. Do this by removing the two (2) T30 torx screws. Set these aside, as you’ll need them for reinstallation.
    3.Prepare the BuiltRight seat release bracket by slipping the strap through the strap retainer as shown below.
    4.Next, slide the latch pull over the round pin of the factory latch and then maneuver the bracket onto the latch as shown below. The assembly is now ready for reinstallation.
    5.Reinstall the factory latch along with the iFJF seat back release using the two (2) T30 screws.
    6.Closing the rear seat back will always require a firm push, but when closing the rear seat back for the first time, you may need to realign the ‘catch bar’ on the back of the cab. When we lifted the bottom of the seat, the ‘catch bar’ moves up. Some experimentation and you’ll have it no problem.
    7.Lastly, you have the option of leaving the strap visible or tucking it down out of sight. The retaining bracket will keep it within reach at all times.
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