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Tesla Model 3 Center Console Wrap, Matte Black, Easy and Fast Installation, Designed for the first time installer

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  • fit all Tesla Model 3,Specially design each piece for faster installation time, better result, and less prone to mistakes
  • two cup holder wraps to avoid the first failure
  • very easy to remove from the console without leaving any trace
  • Protects your center console from scratches, Free from fingerprints and dust
  • Came with clear installation to help you installing quickly and the material of the wrap is forgiving, just take time and your kindly patience, you will wrap your Model 3 center console with the matte black wrap well


The 3M vinyl is very forgiving, and with a little time and patience, you can achieve an 'OEM' finish - anyone sitting in your Model 3 won't know that it didn't arrive that way from the factory. 3M-with it's Air Release technology, it's easily the best vinyl for this application.

Easy to remove:

The longer the vinyl is there, the stronger the bond becomes, but it can always be removed without causing any damage to the original piano black finish. Just lift an edge, and start to carefully pull it away at a sharp angle.

Some tips before you install:

Adjust the car to 68f/19c, and ensure the vinyl is also at room temperature. This will help the vinyl be less floppy and generally easier to handle.
Clean the center console. If you are using one of the textured finished (carbon fiber, brushed, matrix etc) then the odd speck of dust won’t hurt, but it will be more visible on the smooth finishes.
Apply from the passenger seat, so you’re not fighting with the steering wheel.
There is a knack to installing these, and it’s easy to become frustrated. Time and patience help you finish this work perfectly.

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