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For Febco 765 Assembly Bonnet Poppet Repair Kit fit Febco 1inch Vacuum Breakers

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  • Replace Part Number:Febco 905-212.
  • Fit: Used on Febco 1inch-1 1/4inch Vacuum Breakers and Backflow Preventers.
  • Features: Unique check valve design reduces check valve fouling and chattering providing longer life and more reliable operation. Vandal/tamper resistant brass canopy and test cocks mean trouble-free performance.
  • Design: Heavy-duty construction and "freeze plug" design of the Series 765, offer a longer life on the bronze valve body of the 1⁄2" through 1 1⁄4" models.
  • Package includes bonnet, O-ring, spring, e-ring, washer, stem, rubber disc, poppet.
  • The reason you choose this product:

    In most pressure vacuum breaker designs, the bronze body can split open when water inside expands in freezing temperatures. When this happens, the whole unit must be replaced, which can be expensive and downright inconvenient. But the Series 765 will give you an unexpected catch, this can help you solve this problem avoid expensive spending and overexert.
    Steps of Replacing the Bonnet and Poppet (you should always change both):

    Turn off the water supply (Warning: Failure to Assure the Water Pressure is Relieved can cause Harm!)
    Close water supply side ball valve first
    Go to the sprinkler controller and manually start each zone or section valve by manually starting the sprinkler system. This will relieve the water pressure in the PVB. Then turn off the manual operation of the sprinkler system.
    Close second ball valve (on outlet side of PVB)
    Make sure that you have relieved water pressure by opening test cocks on side of PVB
    Place large O-Ring (included in kit) around Bonnet
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