Black Front Grille Mesh Inserts For Jeep JK Wrangler 2007-2017 (7pcs)

Black Front Grille Mesh Inserts For Jeep JK Wrangler 2007-2017 (7pcs)

1068 Throttle Body Spacer for Jeep Comanche Grand Cherokee Wrangler

  • Easy bolt-on installation. Improved torque performance. Increased fuel economy.
  • Only fits models with 4.0L/ 2.5L engines. ONLY fits 4-bolt throttle Bodies
  • 1997-2006 4WD Jeep TJ Wrangler; 2004-2006 4WD Jeep TJ Wrangler Unlimited; 1987-1995 4WD Jeep YJ Wrangler; 1984-2001 4WD/2WD Jeep XJ Cherokee; 1986-1993 4WD/2WD Jeep MJ Comanche; 4.0L/ 2.5L engines
  • Kit contents: throttle body spacer; gaskets; linkage Spacers; hardware. Est. Install time: 1-2 hours
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    New throttle body spacer helps you get the most out of your Jeep YJ, TJ or XJ 2.5L 4.0L
    Engineered with a spiraling helix design, our durable, aluminum spacer forces incoming air into a high velocity Vortex that aids in a more powerful and efficient fuel combustion process.
    This process offers improved torque performance and increased fuel economy.
    Best of All, this modification is easy to install using a 100% bolt-on installation process that can be attached in no time installation.

    Installation Instructions:
    1. Remove the hose from the center of the intake tube.
    2. Using a flat head screwdriver loosen the hose clamps on both ends of the intake and then remove. See the photo 1 and 2

    3. Unplug the wire plug from the throttle body for added clearance to remove the throttle body. See the photo 3

    4. Remove the two bolt holding with throttle cable mount with a 10mm socket. See Photo 1 Unplug wire on throttle body.
    5. Remove the four bolts from the throttle body with a 10mm socket. Carefully pull up on the throttle body making sure you do not drop anything into the intake. See the photo 4 and 5.

    6 Remove all the old gasket and clean the mounting surface on the intake and bottom of the throte body. See the photo 6.

    7. Place the new gasket, throttle body spacer and 2nd new gasket on top of the intake. See Photo 7 and 8.

    8. Using the 4 supplied 6mm x 50mm bolts and washers, bolt the throte to the intake on top of the spacer and gaskets. Tighten with a 10mm socket. See Photo 9.

    9. Place the correct number of linkage spacers under the throttle cable linkage bracket and insert the supplied 10mm x 40mm bolts and washers. Tighten with a 10mm socket.See Photo 10.

    10.Plug the wire back into the throttle body.
    11. Reinstall the intake tube and tighten the hose clamps with a flat head screwdriver.
    12. Plug the hose back into the center of the intake tube.
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